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I am the youngest of my family. I was adopted by my Mum and Dad who I love very much (even though I bite them). I like to do nothing and everything (all at once). I have Cat-itude and I wanted this blog to tell you all what I think about everything. So listen up.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I swear.....

If Mum tries to take any more stupid photos of me with my leg bandaged, I am going to give her a knuckle sandwich!

I am still doing fine. I go back next Thursday to have the bandaged removed. Hope my paw is still under there!

Another friend goes to the rainbow bridge

I had a bad feeling today, like a part of me was missing. Then I checked here and discovered that beautiful Crystal has gone to the rainbow bridge.

Sleep well little one. You will always be remembered. Saying our Purrays for your family. They will be in our thoughts.

Me thinks that sometimes the rainbow bridge takes our friends far too soon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dudes - I am okay!

Thank you everyone that kept me in your thoughts. I am okay. A bit drowsy but definately okay. I cannot for the life of me work out what happened. All I know is that the Vet patted me and I purred and then they stuck me with the needle thingy and next thing I am waking up and I have a bandage on both legs. What is with this bandage and why can't I get it off?

This is my carry case that Mum brought me home in. I kinda like my carry case, except when I have to go too far from home - then i get scared. You can just make me out inside the case.
I was absolutely starving when I came home, and the Vet said I could eat - so I went straight to the dry food, but it was too hard to get my paw in there to get out the good ones, so I just laid down and dragged them out all over the floor and picked out the bits I wanted - Sorry Mum. (she had to clean up after me). You can see too, that Molly came out of her nap in the bedroom and said "Dude are you okay?". I didn't think she would care that I was gone - but she obviously did. I think Dude is my new word of the day.

Although she said I smelt funny. I don't care - I think I smell beautiful and Mum said I smelt okay. I think Molly is the stinker around here! Look at the mess I made!
Ok So Mum said that the Vet cleaned my teeth, and took the thing off my paw. She said that after they were removing it, they said they think it is probably just a calus or something like that horn thingy that Jasper said it probably was, but the pathology will sort it out. It also appears like I have the beginning of more over nearly all my pads, so they definately wanted pathology to tell us what it is. Maybe I am growing more toes or something.

Mum said my Op-er-way-shun cost A$555.83. I think I am worth it though. Every cent.

I gotta keep this bandage on for a week, and then go back to the Vet to get it checked. I think the bandage is going to be hot tomorrow on me as we are expecting 40C (104F) tomorrow. Mum said the weather is terrible in Australia at the moment, and we have lots of bushfires. The air smells of smoke. I don't like it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tomorrow is the day

Well tomorrow I go back to the vet for my Op-er-way-shun. Mum says I should enjoy being outside today as I am not going to be outside for a while. So I am just laying on the front porch, my paws hanging over the edge, watching the yard and contemplating what tomorrow may bring.

I will try to blog when I can to tell you how I went.

Might go find Mum for a cuddle and then check out how my blogging friends are going.

Friday, January 20, 2006

What does an "op-er-way-shun" mean?

Mum says that I have to have one of them. I hope it involves catnip because I really like that.

We (Maddison, Mum and I) went to the Vet tonight.

Maddison is doing very very well, and in 1.5 weeks she can start going for very short walks - 5 minutes, building up to 10 minutes. She still has to be confined for about another 2 months, but we can build up her exercise during that time and see how she goes.

Maddison is a bit sad that she can't just go outside and play with Sandy. I am sad too, because that means she is in my house a bit longer - all the time!

Anyway - on to me! (cause that is what you were waiting for).

The Vet said she didn't like the look of my boo-boo at all. She said because it is soft, has grown quickly and because the pad has darkened in color, that I have to have an "op-er-way-shun" to have the boo-boo removed. Then she said it will take a long time to heal and I have to keep it bandaged and stay inside for a long time.

Mum is very sad because she doesn't want to see me go have one of these "op-er-way-shuns" but also because it is going to cost about A$650 for it to happen. I think I am worth it though. They are going to send my boo-boo off to be checked to make sure it isn't anything nasty.

I go in next Wednesday which Mum said is good because Thursday is Australia Day and they can be home to watch me all day. (Maybe they think I am going to do tricks or something - why would they need to watch me?)

Mum said we had better win the lotto (whatever that is), as things have not been so good around here lately.

Mum has been sick with a coughing thing. She is on her third lot of antibiotics and doesn't seem to be getting much better. Dad said she might have to have "ex-rays" to see what is going on in there (don't know why it is "Ex" - maybe it used to just be "Rays" and they got divorced or something) .

Mum's car stopped completely and she needs a new one - that is a very expensive thing to do, Mum said.

Maddison's treatment has been pretty expensive too. I think Mum said it was near A$1000 so far.

Mum and Dad have both had car registations to pay, as well as car insurance and other bills, and Mum said they may have to eat 2 minute noodles for a while. I just hope they don't stop my premium brand stinky goodness or there is really going to be trouble.

Mum is also seeing a specialist about some special treatment, and that costs a lot too. But Dad said this treatment is essential so I guess they have to do it.

Mum also said there were lots of rumours about redundancies at her work, so she may not have a job for much longer. I think that is good news, cause then she can be home brushing me all day long.

I hope they can afford to keep blogging. That is essential.

I'd better go. I have decided that I need to help out a bit, so I am going to go lick the kitchen floor clean (just in case Mum missed a spot when she was cleaning it).

Take care all.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am Big and Fierce - ROAR!

Look at me - I am big and fierce. You don't want to mess with the master. Not only do I have big teeth but my whiskers are finely sharpened swords!
Ok so I was actually just yawning really loudly and Mum snapped it. But I look fierce, don't I? Were you scared?

I am really just a cute kitty who is ultra tired though. And Mum keeps shoving this camera in my face!
It's her - the one over there with the camera - Officer - over there. She won't leave me alone!

In other news my VET appointment has been moved to Friday as the VET isn't going to be there on Saturday and Mum doesn't like Maddison and I seeing anyone else.

Thank you to everyone delurking. I love your comments and love learning more about you. You guys Rock!

Gotta go find somewhere cool to sleep for a bit. It is going to be another hot day today (not too bad though - about 28C (82.4F)). That's about the lowest temp forecasted for this week.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Feeling Better

Ohhh cool, thanks guys. I feel better now. Dad has been teasing me with something called "am-pu-ta-tion" - I hope that isn't a needle, cause I don't like needles.

I am comforting myself by sleeping cuddled up to Mum's magic cushion. She puts it in that thing in the kitchen that goes round and round and when it goes "Beep" she takes it out and it is nice and warm. She puts it on her back (I think she is getting old!), and if she happens to stand up I jump in quick as a flash! Sneaky huh!

It sure is warm.

p.s. Welcome to my new friends. It sure is cool to have friends.

p.s.s. Kukka-Maria - When I snap my fingers you will cluck like a chicken (hehe only kidding You are too prrrruuudy to do that to)

Monday, January 16, 2006

I got a boo-boo

Can you see my boo-boo? I have had a small growth on the pad of one paw for a little while now, but lately it has grown much longer (it is really dark - nearly black). If you click on the picture you will get a bigger look at it.

This week it has started bothering me, and the whole pad has gone a dark pink rather than it's normal light pink. I have started chewing it which drew Mum's attention.

So now I have an appointment at the V E T on Saturday to get it checked out. I hope it is nothing serious. I am rather fond of that paw.

p.s. Don't you think my eyes are beautiful!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Delurking week

I am probably a little late doing this, but I just read that it is delurking week.

So - if you are a lurker or even an avid commentor, please comment to this post and let me know a little about yourself.

Things I want to know:
1. Your name or alias.
2. Your blog address if you have one.
3. How long have you been reading my blog?
4. Why do you keep reading? What makes you come back?
5. What do we have in common?
6. How are we different?
7. Something I don't know about you.

So come on everyone - please delurk and tell me about yourself. I would love to hear it.

Thank you. (smooches and headbutts)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gotta start earning my keep

I want to go outside. Mum says I can't go out again because I have already been outside twice today, and wanted to come back in 30 seconds later each time, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to go out yet again.
Mum said the picture below is a rare one. My sister Molly decided to be nice and let Mum take a nice picture of her when she is actually smiling. She is posing with her toy kitty called "Whiskers". Mum and Dad got Whiskers for Molly when they were on a fantastic voyage a couple of years ago. You see Molly won a competition with a pet food company - a 10 day A$14,000 holiday around Australia. She stayed in luxury kitty accommodation while Mum, Dad, Auntie C and Gramma went on the holiday. They went to 4 different states, learnt to sail on Sydney Harbour, went hot air ballooning over the Yarra Valley in Victoria (our premium wine making area), went to fantastic restaurants, stayed in the middle of a rainforest in Far north Qld, and sweated it out in Uluru in the middle of Australia.

Molly got spoilt with her luxury accommodation, Whiskers the toy cat, a whole slab of stinky goodness, toys, kitty carrier, and a special litter box that is covered in and allows for complete privacy. After it was all over, Molly was just happy to have Mum and Dad home again.

Mum says that Molly "earned her keep" which I think means I had better start trying to win something myself or I might miss out on my stinky goodness or something.

Have any of you kitties won anything for your Mum and Dads?

p.s. Mum says Maddison is doing very well and thank you for all your good wishes. She keeps getting under my feet, but at least she isn't feeling sick or anything. She has her 4 weeks checkup late next week so we hope she only has another 2-3 weeks confinement and then she can go play with Sandy and I get my house back!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Favorite toys

I guess there is no doubting that I am spoilt. We all know it. I have more toys than most toy shops. Last year my Mum and Dad bought me a Panic mouse:

This crazy critter cost them A$100 and I loved it for a month or so and then I got bored. Every now and then Mum hides it for a while and when she brings it back out, I love it again for about a week. hehe.

I have a multitude of soft toys, climbing things, batting things hanging on doors, tunnels, soft cubes to sit in, etc. But do you know what my all time enduring best toy is?

A rubber band. I love them. I flip them, shoot them across the room, throw them into the air and chase them when Mum or Dad flicks them across the room. It is just the best toy of them all.

What is your favorite toy?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My doggy sister is sick.

This is my doggy sister Maddison. Mum says she is a Border Collie cross Jack Russell (whatever that means), but people say she is a mini border collie or even at times a black fox. I like her as she is always really nice to me. She has pretty eyeshadowed eyes huh.

Maddison has been sick. The vet said that she has heartworm. Mum and Dad are really upset about this because they said Maddy has taken prevention medication her entire life. The vet said it is just bad luck. Maddy is special because the vet said it is the first case they have seen in 5 years!

She has been undergoing treatment but it is pretty horrid. Mum said she had two arsenic based injections (I don't like needles myself), and now she has to remain quiet and calm for 4-6 weeks. Despite that, we may still lose her to the rainbow bridge. I hope not.

When Mum or Dad are home Maddy sits quietly under the table to be close to them.

Mum took three weeks off work to care for Maddy (and me too of course), but now she has to go back to work, so Maddy has to stay in her cage in the bathroom so she remains nice and quiet.
Mum says it breaks her heart to have to see her locked up. I can't see any pieces of Mum's heart laying around though, so maybe she put tape on it or something to mend it.

I liked having Mum home. She brushed me sometimes twice a day and we cuddled a lot. I wish Mum could be home all the time. (so does Mum I think).

I hope my sister is okay. Mum says the first two weeks are the biggest danger and she had the injections 3 weeks ago now, so hopefully she is doing okay.

I got a new play thing!

Yesterday my Mum bought me a tunnel. It is sooooooooo cool. It is 130cm long and has two open ends and three holes to stare out of. I love it.

I have played in there ever since it came home. I even cried to tell Mum that I wanted my dinner in there, but she made me come out for that.

It has two dangly things too for me to bat and pounce on, and I can even get in and out of the holes in the side - cool!

Mum said I was in it so much that I obviously don't like it much, and that she kept the receipt so it would be very easy to return it.

I think I might just stay here a while until the receipt fades a bit. Ain't nobody taking my Tunnel anywhere!

p.s. I just want to say hello to all my new commentors. Hello blogkitty friends! As soon as Mum can she said she will link you (whatever that means). Oh Mum just said it is so I can go visit you sometime. That's okay - as long as I can stay in my tunnel.

Did I mention i love my new tunnel?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just kicking back!

Do you like my latest modelling shots? Here I am relaxing on the couch:

Here is my naughty pose:

And here I am looking sultry:

Am I just the cutest kitty model you have seen in ages or what?

Happy New Year!

The partying was tough, but I made it (have you kitties tried opening those cans - it is really tricky!)
I wish all my bloggy friends, the ones with fur, feathers or fins (and the humany ones too), a very happy New Year. I hope 2006 is very good to you and that fishy goodness falls from the sky (actually here in Australia I just hope it rains sometimes. It is soooooo hot and dry it makes my fur curl!).