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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Cwistmas!

Merry Cwistmas to all the furries and fluffies (and all the beans great and small too).

We have been good but Mum has been too busy with the baby bean to post much for us. She and the bean have been at the shop every day before Cwistmas helping Daddy out with all the customers buying things for pressies. They love that so many beans want to buy nice pressies for their fluffies and furries. There sure is a lot of love out there.

We got nice pressies too - lots of nice treats and toys. We is sure spoilt.

Mum and Dad got a new doona too - (cause Molly got upset that Mum and Dad went out for 2 whole days in a row and she pooped on the bed causing Mum to have to send the doona away for dry cleaning and to get a new one as a spare). We love the new doona - it is sooo soft, and has a silky cover. It is just the best for snuggling in. Mum also bought a new doona cover and it has two colors, mint green and chocolate brown. I like laying in the chocolate brown section only. Molly likes laying in the mint green section only. We think both colors show off our beautiful coats. Don't you?

I have been a really good big brudda, and have been looking after the baby bean heaps. I guard him when he is sleeping and I don't let anyone go anywhere near him. Here I is guarding him.

The baby bean has had a lovely Cwistmas too. His first Cwistmas! He is now 4.5 months old and doing great. He is very vocal and has started rolling over. Yesterday he grabbed my tail but let it go again so that was okay. Mum and Dad are showing him that you pat me with an open hand, and pat really gently so as not to hurt my beautiful coat. I hope he learns quick.

I hope you are all having a good Cwistmas too!

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