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I am the youngest of my family. I was adopted by my Mum and Dad who I love very much (even though I bite them). I like to do nothing and everything (all at once). I have Cat-itude and I wanted this blog to tell you all what I think about everything. So listen up.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Mum and Dad are hurting

My Mum is very sad. Something her and Dad wanted very much isn't going to be anymore. She has cried constantly for the last two days.

Mum had to go to hospital yesterday for an oper-way-shun. She is home now but is still crying. I try to comfort her but she said it hurts for me to sit on her stomach. She lets me sit next to her and she pats me. She cuddles me a lot and says "I love you Oscar" but she still crys.

Mum - I hope you feel better soon. I hope you stop crying soon too. I love you too.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Toys, sleeping places and Lady

I got a new dangly toy. One of the advantages of my parents owning a pet supply business is that I get to try out all the new toys - and I have a LOT of them. I love the new dangly - it has a fur tickly bit at the top on a long stick and then a green furry boa. Mum played with me for hours and when she finally thought I was sick of it, she put it up here. I decided I still wanted to play with it, so I got up and played with it. Mum watched still because you should never let kitties chew or swallow the feather bits cause it might do us kitties harm.

I have a question for you - Why does my sister Molly sit not on the seat of the chair but curled up on the top of the back cushion? It is really weird. Mum said it is because Molly is considerate and still leaves room for beans to sit down, where as I stretch out on the seat of a chair and attack anyone who may want to sit down. Hmm I think Molly just tries too hard.

I forgot to tell you too - I got another new cousin. This is Lady. Lady wasn't being treated very well by her beans so Bella's mum took her. We don't think Lady would have been able to live much longer if she was left where she was. And she is less than a year old - it is so sad. She was seriously underweight, had fleas, worms, stomach problems (she had the runs all the time), and was so tired she could hardly walk.

The good news is that she has been in her new home for a while now and is a totally different woofer. She now eats well, and has put on a lot of weight. She is bright and attentive and runs around, playing with toys. She has a beautiful nature and is very happy to please everyone. So Bella now has 3 woofer siblings. Poor Bella - no wonder she likes to come round here and beat me up.

To all owners of feathered, furred and finned ones - please please please, if you cannot look after them, please find a home for them and if you can't please take them to a shelter so that they can look after them properly. Please don't hurt them by mistreating them. Please don't leave them in the middle of nowhere. We deserve better.

Lady is one lucky girl to be in a much better forever home now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Me and my cousin Bella

Mum says my cousin Bella is coming to visit. Her Mum and Dad have stuff going on at home and to ensure Bella is safe while that is going on, Bella is coming to visit us.

I have been waiting at this window all day.
Somehow I don't think she is ever going to get here. I want to play with Bella. Hurry up Bella. I got my good mice out of my hiding spot just for you.

Oh wait - is that her? Is she here?

Yes! here she is. Hi Bella.

She has grown so much since she was last on my blog. In fact she kind of took over my house. MY house! My toys too. She even growled at me and wouldn't let me in my own kitty litter.

But she is so pretty, I just can't say No to her.

I hope you had a good time at your visit Bella. Mum said next time she would try to get a picture of both of us together.