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I am the youngest of my family. I was adopted by my Mum and Dad who I love very much (even though I bite them). I like to do nothing and everything (all at once). I have Cat-itude and I wanted this blog to tell you all what I think about everything. So listen up.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

All A-OK

My sister Molly and I went to the Vet and got our shots - Molly also got checked out after her little adventure. She lost 300 grams but the Vet said she was okay. She now weights 2.9kg. The Vet also said he detected a slight heart murmour but he didn't feel it was anything to worry about at this stage. He said it might have been stress and a bit of dehydration. She is back to her old self now, and bossing me about. She has even asked to go outside 3 times, but Mum and Dad said No - and she went and curled up somewhere and had a nap. It didn't seem to worry her that she didn't get to go outside.

I weigh a healthy 4kgs and the Vet said I had better lay off the extra feeds or I will get fat. Doesn't he know I really need to try to grow into my whiskers?

We picked a good night to visit the Vet - it was puppy school night and it was full of puppies running around. Mum was happy cause she got to cuddle some cute "little furballs" (her words not mine).

On Saturday, Mum took Molly out on her own. She went to the RSPCA and got Molly microchipped. Now we can find her no matter where she goes! hehe Molly thought she was going to get away without being microchipped (the rest of us all are), but Mum knew better.

Mum said Molly is very affectionate now - she likes to cuddle at night now and Mum can't go anywhere without her - even the loo!

We are all very happy that this Easter we are all together as a family. yay.

Happy Easter everyone.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Thank you Efurrrryone!

Thank you so much for all your comments and your purrrrayyyerrs - they obviously worked cause Molly came home safe! Here she is with Mum:

And here she is with Dad:

She is definately skinnier and obviously dehydrated. We are letting her eat and drink small amounts but more frequently than normal - we don't want her to be sick by doing too much at once. She can't meow - she just squeaks.

A vet check is in order but she seems fine. She is purring when we cuddle her and has settled in her favorite spots on the couch and the bed. I think she is going to be fine.

Thank you so much for bringing my girl home to me. (Oscar and Molly's Mum)


Molly is Home!!!!!

A very quick one cause I am too excited to stay to chat.

Daddy came home today from work to pick up something and as he opened the front door Molly appeared out of nowhere and ran inside. She ran straight past me and to the dry food Mum leaves out for us, and gobbled some down - she was really hungry. Daddy gave her some mushy cat food and she ate some of that. Now she is asleep on Mum and Dad's bed.

Dad checked her out and she appears healthy. No sign of any illness or problems. She doesn't even appear skinny! He gave her a cuddle and she purred.

Dad rang Mum straight away to let her know - she cried and she wanted to come home from work straight away but she couldn't.

Mum said she will post a picture of Molly later to thank everyone for their purrrrayyerrs. They sure must have helped cause she is home after a 9 day adventure.

I know I pined for her and I wanted her home but I was beginning to think of this as my bed and now she is on it. I wonder if she lets me join her for a cuddle?

A very good ending to a very hard 9 days.


Monday, April 02, 2007

No sign of Molly anywhere

Mum went to as many shelters as she could on the weekend and Molly wasn't at any of them. The staff there were all lovely. They coped with Mum crying so hard she could hardly tell them why she was there, and they took her through all the quarantined areas where the general public don't get to go. One Shelter got 4 torties last week - 4! But none of them were Molly. Dad said maybe all the torties got together and decided to run away at once. 4 seems an awful lot of torties.

The RSPCA were lovely and gave Mum a list of all the shelters in the area and some guidelines on what to do to try to find your missing pet. It listed some websites in Australia where you can describe your missing pet and vets and shelters look at that list in the hopes of finding a match for pets they find. They gave Mum a lot of hope that Molly would be found soon.

I am still pining for her. Mum left the main solid front door open most of the weekend and there was just the wire security door between me and the world. I sat most of the time just watching for any movement - looking for my sister.

At night I sit at the window, crying, howling, calling her home, but she doesn't come.

Mum and Dad frequently go outside to look. They call her name, again and again. They drive around, walk the streets, eyes peeled on nooks and cranny's where she might be hiding.

Mum told me that she repeatedly dreams Molly comes home safe. They are so real she wakes up happy that Molly is home, only to realise that you can't force dreams to come true.

I hope this dream does come true. I won't forget you Molly. I will sit at the door, waiting for you until you do come home. Please make it soon. Your bowl is empty beside mine (which means I can't pinch all the nice bits out of your bowl like I do).