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I am the youngest of my family. I was adopted by my Mum and Dad who I love very much (even though I bite them). I like to do nothing and everything (all at once). I have Cat-itude and I wanted this blog to tell you all what I think about everything. So listen up.

Friday, May 01, 2009

it's cold in them there hills

Hi ev-fur-y-one. It is sure cold here at the moment. I think i like this weather though. I get to snuggle with mum and dad more (and the little man) and it is sure better than the bushfires that ravaged most of the land down here recently. The road to recovery for them is very slow unfortunately.

We didn't get any fires here but we were able to see them from our house which is too close for my comfort. Mum didn't let me go outside for like 2 weeks because she said she didn't want me breathing in the smokey air and she wanted to know where i was at all times. She is such a worry wart!

My uncle and Aunty were right in the middle of the bad fires mum said. And they were very kind. The run the doggy boarding kennels so had 6 of their own dogs plus a few boarders in when the fires first hit and they took them all into their house and refused to evacuate (they would not have been allowed to take all the animals if they had) and they defended their property successfully. They then took in a friend who breeds kitties and she had 55 cats with her and she had refused to leave her kitties behind and evacuate too, so they went and got all 55 kitties and brought them all back to their place (with their friend too of course), and together they defended the property and made sure all the animals were safe.

Their friend's house didn't burn down but was not safe to live in with smoke and water damage, so she and the kitties stayed with them for a couple of months until her house was okay and now they are all back home. It is lovely to know how much she loved her kitties that she wouldn't leave them not even when her own life was in danger. And i gave my aunty lots of headbutts for taken them all into their own home too. That's a lot of love all round.

Still - not every kitty or puppy or udder animal was safe in the fires and lots lost their lives. Others are still trying to get over their injuries. It is very sad.

Mummy is knitting blanket squares to go into making blankets for people who have lost so much. She said it is one way in which we can help. i helped by playing with the wool as she was knitting. You know, just making sure there were no knots in it or anything. I is a big help mummy says.

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