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Monday, February 20, 2006

What a week!

Hi guys,

Sorry if I worried you because I wasn't about much. It has been a very hard week for us. My mum hasn't been too well and she hasn't been able to post for me.

Plus - we had a disaster. The woofer outside "Sandy" grabbed my favorite toy "Crabby" and ran off with him. I was stunned. One minute Crabby and I were playing and the next minute he was in the jaws of the beast. Luckily Mum saw and she immediately rescued Crabby from Sandy's slobbery jaws. Unfortunately Crabby wasn't the best. He had (sob sob) holes in him (sob sob - sorry, I get so emotional about it).

Mum cuddled me and told me she would make Crabby as good as new. And you know what? It was touch and go for a while there, but he came out of his Op-er-way-shun and he was as good as new. I was really careful with him for a while, cause I know how sore I was after my Op-er-way-shun, but Mum said Crabby was okay, and so yesterday we played all day. I think things are going to be okay.

Next time I saw Sandy I stuck my paw up at her. Mum said it was a rude gesture, but I don't care.
I did it for Crabby. Crabby, this one is for you! Take that Sandy.


Blogger The Meezers said...

we're glad you're OK. Sorry to hear about Crabby - but your mom must be a good doktor to do such a good oper-way-shun.

3:09 am  
Blogger Kukka-Maria said...

I say if a dog steals your toy, they deserve to get the middle claw.

I love rude gestures--and if I had an opposable thumb, the possibilities would be endless!

By the way, Crabby looked like he made it through just fine. I'm sure he smelled a bit fierce for awhile, though. Dogs are notorious for their bad breath...

7:31 am  
Blogger Max said...

Sometimes a guy has to be rude when his favorite toy is involved. That dog is lucky you didn't bite him on his dangly parts!

4:34 pm  
Blogger Timmy said...

What a frightening story Oscar! I'm glad Crabby made it out of Sandy's jaws alive!

4:58 pm  
Anonymous Nyctolops said...

I hope your Mom is feeling much better now. It looks like she did a really good job on Crabby. I agree with Kukka-Maria and Max. A dog who would steal a cat's favorite toy is just asking for rudeness in return.

8:04 pm  
Blogger Fat Eric said...

Poor Crabby! I'm glad your mum was able to save him. Any woofie who comes near my toys is going to get a very sharp set of claws right where it hurts...

5:26 am  
Blogger George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Yes you are completely correct. No cat wants dog slobber on his toys. How great that Crabby survived his ordeal and you are together again!


1:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also agree who wants nasty dog slobber on a fvorite toy.It's good to know crabby came out okay.Hope mom is feeling better.I would have given him the finger also after all it was Crabby...Lol

5:13 am  

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