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Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

Finally a post - after being totally offline for yet another month (well almost), my Mum ditched the ADSL connection we had that was always flakey and got a cable internet connection. It is so much better and finally Mum can post the photos she has of me to post. (and I don't feel so isolated either!)

We had a nice easter and I even posed for Easter Pics with the baby boy:

Then Mum said that with my ears up like that I look like one of the bunnies so I made her take the picture again:

I is not a BUNNY!

I got in trouble last night when I tried to bite the baby boy. He was grabbing my fur at the time. Mum and Dad understood but they told me off all the same. Later they cuddled me and told me that they promise to teach him to respect my space, and to pat me nicely like they do.

Molly is good - she has been naughty and stays outside each day much longer than Mum would like. I come in as soon as Mum calls, but Molly stands at the door deciding whether to come in and will turn away again about 5 times before she finally comes in - it is so irritating! All up we are outside less than an hour a day though - there is something about the creature comforts of inside the house, especially when it is raining (yes Rain here in Australia - yay. Although the permanent water restrictions are here to stay by the sound of it.).

ok better go - got more pics to post again soon, but Mum said she needed the computer.

p.s. Mum has updated her recipe website too - you can find it HERE if you are interested (note - doggy dinners in there, but no cat treats. If you know of any cat treats she can cook - please let her know (for my sake! hehe).)

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Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

I do not think it was nice of him to pull furs. I don't think I'd be nice enough to listen to a little talking to, when I am being hurt.

1:51 am  

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