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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Happy Kitties

Molly: It is sooo nice that Mum is home more with us almost all the time - it means she can give us lots of cuddles. I am still not sure about the baby bean though. He is kinda cute but sure is noisy at times. The other day I escaped from the house for a whole hour after being an inside cat for the last 6 months. I just had to get out. I was good though and came back in so Mum didn't worry too much. She gave me lots of cuddles when I came back in though and told me what good girl I was.

Oscar: Yeah Molly I know what you mean. When Mum is feeding the baby bean, I try to also get on her lap for a cuddle - even it if is 4am. When Dad comes home each day, I try to beat the bean in getting a cuddle. If i don't beat him, I claw Daddy's bum asking for attention - he hollars when I do that but he sure puts the bean down quick and picks me up. So in the end it is worth it and I get exactly what I want. As it should be.

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Anonymous Cheysuli said...

I certainly hope there are no more beans in my house. I do like the 21 year old son though..

3:33 am  
Blogger Derby said...

So sad that you have to beg for attention now from your beans. That little burpy thing sure has changed your lives.

11:43 am  
Blogger Karen Jo said...

I'm glad your Mum is home so much more so you can get more cuddles. Oscar, it's not nice to claw your Daddy's bum, even if it does get you attention.

7:02 pm  
Blogger jenianddean said...

:giggle: claw your dad's bum :giggle:

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

4:05 am  
Blogger The Fluffy Tribe said...

heehee that's funny Oscar and it is good you came home when yer momma called Molly ~The FLuffy Tribe

2:59 pm  
Blogger Fat Eric said...

Oscar, I am glad you and Molly are still getting your fair share of the attention. I thought I'd better come and check in on you!

6:12 am  
Blogger The Furry Kids said...

It sounds like you guys are handling the baby bean situation in the best way possible. Good job!

7:05 am  
Blogger Hot(M)BC said...

Hi Oscar n fambly, We hopes yall are doing good. We knows it's jnot a hollyday for yall, but we'll let yall borrow ours: Happy Fanksgiving :)
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

10:35 am  
Blogger Tiger Lily said...

Hi Oscar and Molly! I am glad you came back in Molly. We would be very concerned if you left again! Oscar, just be careful or your Daddy might decide to get out the clippy things!

4:33 pm  
Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Those blurpy things let off some pretty foul smells too!
Keep on clawing the were there first!

9:33 am  
Blogger michicoļ¼ŠAdan said...

I think mommy at home is the best thing~!

5:34 pm  
Blogger Tiger Lily said...

It is Christmas day here in New Mexico and we all wish you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas! We hope the reason you have not been posting is that you are so busy taking care of the baby bean and that otherwise you are all OK.

Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

9:47 am  
Anonymous Ashley said...

Meowy Chrissymouse to you furries!


10:32 am  

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