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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Calling all Mums (Moms for you overseas people)

Hello! Oscar calling. I just wanted to have a little chat to you about the meeces.

Yes I know that you have bought them in the past, ........ Yes I know they were chewed up and ripped into bits, but you have to understand. It is like chocolate for us. We need it. We need fresh meeces all the time. Honest we do. That old mousey just won't do.

Please, just listen for a second....... No , don't hang up......

Ok - still there? Good.

Please buy more meeces. Lovely fresh meeces with catnip and a little rattle inside. sweet smelling meeces that taste divine......

ok - um, Thanks for listening. I just need to go find one of my meeces now and get a little fix.

OK ok - I know I have a problem - but I am dealing with it - okay?

Thanks again for listening - and remember, Buy more meeces!

Catch you soon,



Blogger Fat Eric said...

Wise words Oreo. My dad has a problem with this concept (as in "why are you buying Eric more mice, he has 5 mice scattered all over the living room floor already?") Some humans just don't get it. And yet, they are always buying themselves new stuff when they get bored with the old stuff, right?

8:44 pm  
Blogger Oreo said...

All kitties am invited to mine purrthday party next month!! Puhlease come by & let us know if you will be coming & how many!

11:51 pm  
Blogger George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Yes, new toys are a necessity - especially new mousies. The old ones lose their aroma and who wants to play with the same old toys all the time!

3:59 am  
Blogger Zeus said...

Our human pet hasn't bought new meeces in FOREVER! Please let me know if this phone call thingamajiggy works because I will definitely use this tactic to get new meeces!

5:42 am  
Blogger Derby said...

Always need new mousies. They are a necessity of life for us kitties.

10:19 am  
Blogger Feline Oligarchy said...

We have the same problem in getting our humans to understand our needs and not to be so judgmental and self righteous about them. Good luck! We'll be checking back to see if your phone call works. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

10:16 pm  
Blogger Patches & Mittens said...

Momma won't let me use the phone, ever since I dialed India to talk to the computer guy from Dell.

Patches Lady

5:08 am  
Blogger Fat Eric said...

Hey, Oscar, did you know ANOTHER cat called Oscar has called the Gorgeous Gingers? It's true! We are calling him Oscar II though, as you are the Original Oscar!

5:35 am  
Blogger jenianddean said...

I have to agree that fresh meeces are best!

2:13 am  
Blogger Hot(M)BC said...

Yes, more meeces is needed. Always.
~~ Sanjee

6:25 am  

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